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Why is International SEO Challenging?

International SEO helps you rank your website for a particular country, by optimising your site so that search engines can identify the country(ies) you are targeting.

This is achieved through the use of preferred keywords in multiple languages.

Most companies focus on SEO on local, regional, or global level, or a combination of levels. To help optimise the company’s website for terms that are more relevant to one’s business, geographically-specific keywords are added at each level. 

The challenge is that International SEO also requires you to have content that is relevant for users in different targeted time zones and areas, who are using several currencies and languages. Ideally, you should tailor the content for each region separately, which is not always a walk in the park, especially if you lack the necessary resources.

Another big issue in International SEO is duplicate content that can negatively affect your SEO campaign.

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You Need International SEO If:

Thinking of International SEO Services?

 - You want to expand your business globally and to new international markets.

 - Your existing customer base is worldwide.

 - Some of your customers don’t speak English as their first language.

-  You operate business locations in multiple countries.

Successful International SEO Strategy

3 Components of a

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You need to identify the potential in each region of the world you are targeting and discover appropriate keywords to target in the selected language market. Identifying your top international countries, your international visitors’ behavioral trends, and languages market should also be a priority, along with finding out the current status of your international organic search.

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Provided you have found keywords that are relevant and reasonably competitive, next step is to target the countries in which the chosen keywords have sufficient organic volume search. Or you could start with language-based targeting if you don’t get enough organic search volume to target one specific country.

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Ensure your content is not only relevant but also crawlable and indexable so that your site gets proper visibility and avoid search results misalignment.


Ask Yourself About International SEO

Questions to

   -  Have I researched the potential of my International SEO plan?

   -  Have I decided how I will target the selected audience?

   -  Which approach is better suited to my needs and requirements?

   -  How will I handle the translation process?

   -  How do I avoid duplicate content? Have I used the right method(s)?

  - Which is the optimal structure for my expanding website?


4 Main Areas to Focus To Get Started With International SEO:

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