Competition Research

Find your top ranking competitors

Why Do You Need a Competitive Analysis?

First of all, because it will help you identify your competitors within your market. Secondly, it will allow you to evaluate their strategies as a means to determine:

     - Their weaknesses and strengths relative to those of your own service or product.

     - The strategies you need to implement so that you have a distinct advantage.

     - Effective ways to prevent competition from entering your market.

     - How to turn their weaknesses into your advantage.

     - How to protect your brand and reputation.

What Exactly Can Competition Research Give You?

In short, you can identify not only your current competitors but also potentially new players that may enter the market and target the same market and buyer persona with a similar product or service. After implementing every tool available in our arsenal, you will have a detailed list of who these suitors are and what actions they take precisely.

Then, you will have the upper hand, meaning control competition and know just as much about your competitors’ online brand(s) as for your own. Indicatively, you will be able to get a good grasp of their:

- Brand Authority

- Backlinks Profile

-  Google Rankings

-  Traffic

-  Bounce Rate

-  Time on Site

-  Onsite SEO Status

-  Content Quality

-  New Customer Acquisition Cost

-  Goals they have in common with your own brand


Incorporating Competitive Research in your business marketing strategy is key to knowing where you stand against competitors (current and future players), maintaining a good online reputation, and identifying innovative ways to keep ahead of the competition at all times.

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Competitive Market Research?

What Are The Methods of

There are several methods to try when you want to know what your competitors are doing, when, and how. Depending on who you ask, you may be suggested to employ rather shady strategies. At RESOCIAL, we prefer not to go down that road and use our combined expertise on marketing and SEO for the benefit of our clients in a straightforward and transparent, yet always effective, way.

So, with Google’s products, from the good old, Keyword Planner, formerly known as Google Traffic Estimator and Keyword Tool (yes, it has a feature that helps us find competitors’ data), to Reputation Monitoring Tools  that lets us to know of every instance your competitor is mentioned online, and to some of the best and most advanced Competition Research Tools out there, we help you succeed.

Reputation Tools When Doing Competition Research

Importance of Using

Having negative search results about your operations is definitely a pain point that can keep you – and every business person – awake. But also your competitor's.

With social media being widely used to spread both positive and negative content, it is important to be able to protect your business and, of course search for the weaknesses of  your competitors.

With the use of the right paid reputation and social media monitoring tools, you can monitor, measure, and manage competitors online reputation, and as well as identify opinion leaders they might use, search for online communities the competition reach, and eventually track success both of yours and competitor's brands.  

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