On Page Optimisation

Onsite SEO

Do you need a perfectly optimised landing page?

We can help you create fast-loading, fully optimised landing pages, always in accordance with the latest Google Search Guidelines.

Given that Google Guidelines change faster than one can anticipate, everybody at RESOCIAL makes sure they stay up-to-date with the latest releases when doing on-site optimisation – and not only.

 Why is it so important to make sure your pages follow Google’s guidelines? Because, in any other case, you run a serious risk of being penalised for running an improperly optimised website.

What exactly we do during On-Page Search Engine Optimisation?

- We select the right set of keywords that correspond to each landing page, using the results of the Keyword Research.  

- We form the URLs in order to ensure that they are short and sweet. We always include the head targeted keyword in each URL.

- We perfectly optimise all critical Meta Data to make pages more search engine friendly.

- We always have in mind the Semantic Code Structure. In plain English, this simply means that each and every page ought to have only one H1 (heading one) this should also be the page title. Then subheadings should follow as H2, H3 and so forth. Having keywords in these places and the correct places is a large ranking factor.

- We develop quality and long content for your landing pages to satisfy search engine web crawlers and readers alike.

- On-Page SEO for videos, images, and other media elements that may appear in search results to make them visible to web crawlers.

- We Boost your Page speed: Page or site speed has been a ranking factor for a number of years and is even more important with the increase in mobile usage.


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Speed Counts

Yes, really

Google says that more than 60% of users do not return to a website they had trouble accessing. Instead, 40% of them visit a competitor’s website. Considering that you only have a few seconds to convince the visitor that you are indeed what they are looking for, it is crucial to make your web pages as fast as possible. Having fast-loading pages is a critical ranking factor too.

RESOCIAL uses experience and tools to bring the loading speed of a web page down to a couple of seconds, if not less.


Every web page is different 

with a different structure and different targeting

We massively produce internal links that help distribute the link juice between pages and achieve higher rankings in search engine results.

Web Pages also need to:

   - Open fast

   - Have active links

   - Perform properly when a visitor clicks a link from all navigation units and navigate with the fewest possible steps.

   - Be written authoritative enough so other web pages want to link to your pages and use your materials as a reference.

    - Provide visitors with the best possible experience by including not only top quality, relevant information but also navigational aids, graphics, and other web elements.


We take care of all that, effectively and efficiently.


Mobile friendly 

last but not least

The use of mobile devices to access the Internet is growing at the speed of light. Users spend almost 70% of their media time on smartphones while about 60% of users say they will not recommend a business whose mobile site is poorly designed. As for average mobile conversion rates, these are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates.

We know for a fact that purchases made using a smartphone or tablet will become the market dominant trend in the near future.

RESOCIAL will be there when that happens. For that reason, every new project we work on includes a highly responsive mobile version.


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