Keywords Research

Keywords unlock audiences.

What is Keyword Research & Analysis?

Keywords determine what your organization is known for. So, besides knowing how to make content available to the billions of people that use the Internet nowadays, it is equally important to know how to use the RIGHT/RELEVANT keywords if you want to drive traffic, sales, and  ROI.

In Digital Marketing, Keyword Research is often closely associated with onsite SEO. Maybe this is because it is a core SEO practice used by SEO professionals to identify popular words and phrases that people type in to search engines while looking for a similar product, in an attempt to find out what to rank for. But, as already mentioned, keywords are fundamental to all of online marketing.

What Makes Great Keyword Research?

First of all, it needs to be geared toward qualified leads. Qualified leads are people in control that know exactly what they need from a solution and have set a budget to find the right service or product to meet their need(s) the best possible way. These people need specific things; so they look for more specific terms. Consequently, they are closer to converting and also have a lower churn rate (compared to unqualified leads).

Unqualified leads, on the other hand, are leads that don’t know what your company offers or they don’t know what solution they are looking for. These people have a high churn rate (makes sense, as they don’t even identify what problem they need a solution for); hence, it is inefficient to target them.

So, it is critical to get specific about your keywords and look for keywords that have both the right quality and traffic volume. In this case, to put it simpler...avoid generic or head keywords and go for long-tail ones with decent competition to attract the buyer that is “warm”, meaning ready to buy as soon as they find exactly the product or service that meets their needs.

Need an example? Sure. Instead of targeting, say, “gloves” go after “winter gloves for women”, “winter leather gloves”, or “best gloves for a biker”; all have great traffic/search volume monthly and appeal to the user that knows exactly what they want. Starting to get the picture!  

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Effective Keyword Research??

How we do

There are a few key things we need to figure out when we are implementing keyword research:

  - What keywords you already rank for?

  - What keywords are your competitors rank for?

  - What keywords are your competitors trying to rank for?

  - How does Google relate keywords?  - Look at the bottom of the first page for a shortlist of the most popular related searches, and the autocomplete function, when you type in something in Google search). An extended version of this.

  - How do your customers find what they want?

  - How can you say the same thing a hundred different ways?

  - What are the most popular long-tail keyword alternatives in search terms?

Is it worth it to start on your own?

Let us show you how

Google Analytics and Google Search Console will tell you the keywords people use to find you. Now, if you don’t know the keywords you rank for at the moment, you may use some of the free tools out there and find out (you will also get details about what the rank is, and what search engine). Or you may type in your competitor’s URL(s) and find out the same details about them.

When it comes to figuring out what keywords your competitors are trying to rank for, poring over their source code and their targeted content, will give you a pretty good idea. Combined with the insight from Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you will be able find out how popular these keywords are. 

But, we have barely scratched the tip of the iceberg! There are a lot of things that should be taken into account, and twice as many options to do meaningful keyword research to boost traffic, conversions, and ROI.

Here at RESOCIAL we can search and find exactly what keywords you need to target, which channel will maximize results (i.e social media), how much competitors crave for specific keyword groups, and, of course, how many users seek these keywords.

So, if you want your keyword research to deliver results, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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