Offsite Optimisation

Backlink Profile Audit

Purpose of Off-Site Optimisation

- Build brand awareness.

- Attract visitors from 3rd party sites.

- Improve rankings in search engines.

- Improve user and search engine perception of the site’s authority, popularity, trustworthiness, and relevance.

Why Off-Site SEO Matters?

Off-site SEO makes up a significant percent of your overall SEO factor and has to do with everything outside your site.

Simply put, the healthier the sites that hyperlink to your web pages (also called backlinks), the more chances you have to conquer high rankings in search engine results; consequently, the more online sales you will make. You may as well consider links in a web site as referrals. When somebody links to you, it means they are referring you to their audience for something.


offsite seo backlinks audit

Backlink Profile Audit

Only healthy Links back to your website

You need the most reliable, relevant resources to link to your pages. That way, you can show Google that your website is valuable and useful and deserves higher rankings. Similarly, backlinks from irrelevant or spammy resources are diminishing a page’s authority and value in the eyes of search engines. More than often, this results in ranking penalties too.

RESOCIAL evaluates the status quo of your website via a process called "Backlink Profile Audit" as a means to eliminate spammy links from your website’s link profile, before we can move on to cleaning the site by building fresh, high-quality links. The goal is to create a healthy environment for your website to grow and flourish in!


A Backlink Profile Audit includes the following procedures:

(but is not limited to)

   - Getting a full list of your backlinks (webpages that link to your site) using a variety of sophisticated seo tools and Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

   - Understanding how backlinks are performing together, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and then looking into the details of each link individually.

  - Seeing how your links compare to your main competitors’.

  - Pinpointing possibly hazardous backlinks by analysing link quality by domain.

   - Re-checking suspicious backlinks manually to avoid ranking drop.

  - Taking down (Disavow) harmful links.

We take care of all that, effectively and efficiently.


We are here to help 

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As soon as off-site optimisation is complete, you can rest assured that your site is spotless clean in Google’s eyes, fully protected against penalties and bans, and in a position to claim extremely high rankings in search engine results.

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