HTTPS Migration

Consultation & Planning : A Unique Plan for your Website's Secure SSL Migration

We Eliminate the Risk & Enable Companies to Safely Secure Their Websites

Securely switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS with our risk-free HTTPS migration program that involves consultation, planning, and implementation services.

Errors in the migration to HTTPS can not only severely affect your ranking but also cause problems to your website’s performance and indexation. The majority of website owners face adverse consequences after migrating their site to HTTPS simply because they overlook the SEO aspect of this task.

Migrating to HTTPS requires you to change every single URL of your site in the Google index. This calls Google to update each of your URLs in the search results.

Do you REALLY know how Google will react to the changes made during the transition from HTTP to HTTPS?

Combining SEO principles and the technical knowledge required when switching from HTTP to HTTPS is key. That way, you can safely make your site more secure without having to handle a bad aftermath.

HTTPS Migration Services

We are here every step of the way with consultation, planning, and implementation services for corporate website owners.  https migration done right


Issues with the configuration of the certificate, mixed content, and poorly made redirects can lead to Google indexation and ranking problems. Since it is paramount to make your website secure and keep it that way, expert advice is not only valuable but also game-changing, opening the way to timely and safe Google updates and improved user trust while giving your company a much-welcomed boost in its ranking.

Migrating to HTTPS is not a quick fix and has to be carefully implemented. The website must be prepared for this transition the right way so that it passes the scrutinising Google indexing and ranking processes. The server and certificate configurations need to be carried through cautiously. The redirects have to be made attentively. And, all that, done as fast as possible so you can get back on track with your business.

After years of successfully steering HTTPS migration for our clients, we can confidently say that we do know how Google reacts to any website change. Armed with that knowledge, our consultation team will help you enjoy a seamless transition, starting today.



Depending on your website’s size and status, migrating from HTTP to HTTPS could take anywhere from a week to a full month.

Needless to say, the faster you acquire that “S” behind your HTTP, the sooner you can get back to business.

However, nothing should be rushed. Our HTTPS migration planning professionals will assess your entire site and help set up crucial milestones and a timeline that best reflects your website’s needs so that it successfully switches to HTTPS.



The first step to a successfully implemented HTTPS migration is to recreate your website on a development server while eliminating any potential risk.

If your site sits on WordPress, we will work on making all necessary changes with due diligence so that it securely gains its HTTPS designation using the access you have provided us with or in collaboration with your teams. 



Damage control

If your website has suffered any damage(s) after migrating to HTTPS, act now to avoid the snowball effect.

Our teams will evaluate the situation, determine what went wrong during the transition, and come forward with a list of solutions to address the problem(s) effectively and in a timely manner.


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